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Updating links in indesign applescript

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In Finder, a server doesn’t always appear right away, we need to go through a list of shares on a given “server”, get confused if we need SMB, CIFS, FTP, SSH, Web DAV, NFS or AFP, and I’m not even mentioning the need to enter a username and password on protected shares.Click the menubar icon again and the regular menu will appear.To define a “server” or “share” for Connect Me Now, simply press the “Add” button.In this day and age we are more network connected than ever before – at home and at work.Some of us have network shares on their computers, want to access company network shares, or have a dedicated file server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) to store our shared information or make our backups.I just got freakin’ tired of going through each step over and over again. I have to admit that my experiences with Apple’s prefered languages are somewhat limited, and each attempt I do I just get more and more confused and annoyed … Anyhow, Connect Me Now is a small application to quickly connect Network Shares on your Mac. Yes, your Mac can natively already connect to network shares, but it’s rather cumbersome if you ask me.

So, instead of complaining, I started looking for an application that would just that – and didn’t find one to my liking. Connect Me Now “lives” in the Mac’s menu bar – you know, the one you always see on the top of your [primary] screen – and shows a little drop down list where you can pick the predefined share you quickly wish to open.

Connect Me Now supports the these basic server types: SMB, also known as “Samba” or “Windows share”, is the most commonly used type. This is also the protocol when you share a directory on your Windows PC.

Also known as the Apple File Protocol, is a typical Apple protocol – which even Apple seems to be abandoning – and is not used very often on servers unless you have a share made on your Mac or Mac OS X Server.

You might find that practical to identify which connection type you’re looking at.

The icons in the menu indicate this as well, but maybe you prefer to see this as text.

Additionally, Wake On Lan is being supported as well. my network application, fully written in Lazarus Pascal.