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Updating laptop graphics

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I also looked at a forum for HP and someone else had my same issue but it didn't have an answer either.Here is what they had, I think they explain it a little better.

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It's like the signal gets interrupted or something because my TV will act like it's about to connect and then it doesn't.Once you have downloaded the required Driver, install it and your system will recognize your Graphics Card after a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter update.The system does not show any error message openly when you are required to perform a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter update.After the driver has been installed, click "OK" to restart the laptop when prompted.The Standard VGA Graphics Adapter refers to display hardware on your computer.When you follow this procedure, the system will prompt you to specify a location for the Graphics Card Drivers.

Standard VGA Graphics Adapter update is necessary to enjoy advanced graphics effects such as 3D image rendering.

I have an HP laptop with Windows Vista and an LG TV. I have a custom built laptop, and a Samsung Smart 3D TV.

When I connect them my TV says it's connecting and then it says no signal. The only thing that has changed is that I loaded Clear Connection on my computer for internet, but I don't see how that would change anything on my computer. Ive been using the same 25Ft HDMI Cable for over a year.

Yet another big problem is the display freezing or appearing jumpy, which can be resolved by updating the display driver.

Right-click on the desktop and click "Graphic Properties."Adjust the screen resolution by clicking "Display Settings" and choosing a resolution setting from the drop-down menu.

Some video cards are listed in the Device Manager as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.