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Updating employment contracts

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For example, you won’t steal from your employer or you won’t give away confidential information.Your employer must, in turn, provide a safe working environment and shouldn’t ask you to do anything illegal, such as drive an uninsured vehicle.

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Any rights you have under a contract of employment, such as medical insurance, are in addition to the rights you have in law.For example, agreements to be paid less than the minimum wage will be ineffective.A written employment contract is usually made up of a mix of two types of contractual terms: Make sure you keep copies of all documents given to you by your employer.Contracts will often say you must be ready to work when asked.If you’re on call to work extra shifts in addition to your minimum number of guaranteed contractual hours, then you’re not necessarily on a zero hours contract. Key-time contracts guarantee you some work, but not regular hours each week.If the issue is still not resolved, you can try mediation through ACAS or the LRA, if your employer agrees.

You can contact the ACAS helpline on 03 and the LRA helpline on 028 9032 1442.

This is where arrangements have never clearly been agreed but over time have become part of the contract.

Examples of this might include finishing early on a Friday, or a Christmas bonus.

The statement must give details about: When you get your contract you should read it carefully before signing it, because by signing it you are agreeing to the terms of the contract.

If there is something in the contract you don’t agree with or think is unfair, you can discuss it with your employer and ask whether they’ll change it or leave it out of the contract.

Zero-hours contracts and key-time contracts Zero-hours contracts don’t specify the number of hours an employee will be required to work.