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Updating collection management

In this competitive field, a master's degree in the institution's area of focus, museum studies, or library/information science is preferred.Internships and volunteer work in libraries, museums, and archives is the best way to acquire hands-on collection management experience.

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You can choose to contribute changes by: The only fields that cannot be contributed to the cooperative are any local notes you may have added to your local copy of the record.All changes saved in the Local record will be preserved in the local collection following data loads containing that record.You can edit and save changes to all editable fields in the Global record.There are specific skills, abilities, and areas of knowledge necessary for collection managers.All collection managers must be skilled in object handling, able to accurately identify objects, artifacts, and specimens within their institution's collection, and have knowledge of preventative conservation methods and procedures.A collection manager may oversee the registrar, archivist, curator, photographer, or other collection professionals, and may assume the responsibilities of these roles in their absence within an organization.

They oversee the physical care of objects and form the hands-on problem-solving component of a collections team.

You can edit both Local and Global records for cooperative management on the Entry screen for customizable collections.

For non-cusotmizable collection you can only edit the global version record: You can edit and save changes to all editable fields in Local records for items in Customizable collections, including Title, URL, OCLC number, ISBN, and others.

Whether paid or unpaid, experience with object/artifact handling, processing, cataloging, preservation, packing, storage, inventory, fabrication, and collection management software is essential.

Experience or training in conservation would be an added bonus, especially to small museums with limited resources.

However, we recommend consulting the Collection Manager Known issues page to see which collections will retain title data changes before making edits to any fields other than the OCLC number field.