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Updating a jailbreak iphone

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Best of all, it works on all jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices on all recent firmwares.I advise anyone who wants to jailbreak in future and who doesn’t want to accidentally update to the latest firmware to use this.

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It not only prevents the update itself, but also the downloading of the update in the background, and the endless pop-ups too.A big problem potential jailbreakers face is that of updating too far to be supported by eventual tools.Either through impatience, or by accident, I hear often that a user’s device is now on too high a firmware to enjoy the latest release.I even advise those who are already jailbroken to do this.Remember, recent semi-untethered jailbreaks can only prevent updates when in jailbroken mode; stay in un-jailbroken mode too long and the update will be back again. 1) Open up Safari on your device and download the tv OS 11 beta configuration profile.Confirm your choice by pressing Delete again on the pop-up, and then Restart when prompted.

This is the most effective way I’ve found to prevent i OS’ aggressive update policy.

Select it and make sure the tv OS 11 Beta Software Profile is listed there.

If the profile is not there, or if there is no Profiles section at all in General, repeat the guide as something has gone wrong.

And given the fact that Apple has doubled down on i OS security lately, patching everything as quickly as possible that could lead to a jailbreak, the jailbreak community has indeed taken a blow quite severely.

Let’s hope that we end up seeing a solid solution for the public that ends up beneficial not just for users, but for those who put endless hours in making everything worthwhile too.

If this screen reports anything else, starts downloading an update, or already shows an update downloading, cancel/remove the download and then try the guide again.