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Device Manager can also try and update the drivers for you itself, and Windows users are strongly recommended to try this update facility as a first step - see Extra help for Windows users below.

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To do this, you can use Device Manager on Windows, System Profiler on a Mac or the /lspci or /lsusb commands on Linux.Be sure to review the entire page for information specific to your OS.If updating your video card drivers and re-installing Direct X does not help, please use the "Submit a Request" link below.Open the Device Manager, and then click on the arrow next to "Display adapters," to reveal the manufacturer and model of your video card.Or you can run a Dx Diag report - it will show the video driver installed, and the last time it was updated.Be sure to let Customer Support know all the steps you've taken already.

No 3D Hardware Acceleration Found error This error occurs when the game is unable to detect the 3D graphics hardware it needs to run the game.

After the update (even if more recent drivers were not found), you should right-click over the device again, click Properties and then on the Driver tab to check the "Driver Provider".

You don't want drivers from Microsoft - in most cases these are only generic drivers, not specifically matched to your hardware.

If such a device is malfunctioning and the manufacturer does not offer special drivers, examine the USB cable and connections, or look in the device's or the operating system's control panels for issues with the device or with the Universal Serial Bus controllers. Windows users can try updating their drivers via Device Manager in the first instance, before looking for drivers on the internet.

This is easiest, but may not necessarily find the latest or most appropriate drivers.

Most modern computers come with powerful 3D video cards that are more than capable of playing your games.