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Ultrachrist online dating

I consider myself a Christian but thats not why I wouldn't watch it...wasn't very good.I Don't care if it is on the air or not, I know how to change channels.

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Personally I think I need to write to the networks and lobby for Pat Robertson to be pulled from the airwaves..So who knows.,..maybe the show will be back on the air!Well someones doing a remake of "Oh God" with Ellen Degeneres playing George Burns part I can't wait...They probably just figured a mediocre show was not worth saving, and not worth the trouble of defending.Interestingly enough, Touched by an Angel was pulled when it started out because of it's "religious content"..the networks said "well the ratings were low..." Well people petitioned and it came back on the air and was a success for many many years.If anything, I think the show might have petered out on its own.

It bugs me when religious groups concern themselves with such trivial matters. Unfortunately, the ones that do better things don't get as much exposure... seem snarky...cause I dont want to LOL But please tell me how that is a slanted depiction of Jesus? LOL Yeah alot of people would sign it I suspect."It was the callous, slanted depiction of Jesus that is offensive."Another interesting point...

and one which keeps me from respecting the Church: Only show the people what we want them to see.

It was the callous, slanted depiction of Jesus that is offensive. As a society, shouldn't we be striving to be more respectful of each other's beliefs? I've watched every episode and Jesus is depicted the way he was in the Bible. He offered his advice..allowed the characters to make their own decisions.

Can you imagine if they made a tv show depicting Buddha or Mohammad in such a way? As far as petition to get Pat Robertson off the air? I agree, people like him are more offensive than some stupid tv show, and it's a shame they're allowed to continue without any accountability. Yet he loved them and told them he'd be there for them no matter what.

So sorry to see The Book of Daniel go, I really liked that show these right winger so called christians need to take a hike...