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CONCEPT NOTE Asia-Europe People’s Forum 11 Participatory Democracy, Gender Equality and Minority Rights Foundations for Equitable and inclusive societies Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 4-6 July 2016 1.BACKGROUND Our AEPF10 Final Declaration stated that “Our governments have the responsibility to ensure that we can all live in peace, security and dignity…

This can include public hearings on government policies and programmes, participatory budgets and budgeting, citizens’ initiatives regarding urban planning, consumers’ interest or food security, vibrant space for social movements and organisations, in short many ways to express active citizenship and for it to shape and inform political parties and processes.What common actions can we take or common demands can we make?What time frames and tasks, including internal and external communication?What strategies and actions can be developed -- across regional, inter-regional, and international levels -- that contribute to the necessary change?What alliances should be made/how can movements be perpetuated?The process used is in no case working in every cases.

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According to even the ABD and the IMF, we live in more socially and economically unequal societies.

Our current democratic practice has not closed the gaps and divisions between peoples and groups but increased them.

More participatory, inclusive, less patriarchal democracies are essential to build more just and inclusive societies.

This must not sound like a dream to wish and work for?

We hope to hear about the challenges that people and their organisations have faced, the strategies and practices that they have taken forward in response and their plans and visions for the future. PHASE ONE: THE PROBLEM (GENERAL CONTEXT & ANALYSIS) 3.