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The company hasn't given up on the idea, and may just let others do the hard work for it.

For that reason we anticipate that Apple may continue to sell the 2017 Apple TV as an entry-level model.In the past Apple has let years pass without updating the device - could the same thing happen again? As we mention above, the original Apple TV was announced in January 2007, shipping in March 2007, making this year its tenth anniversary (we think Apple could be planning a new Apple TV to celebrate this milestone). Initially Apple referred to the Apple TV as a hobby product, but in recent years it has become a much more significant part of the business.In fact, TV was an area of great interest to Apple's late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who told his biographer Walter Isaacson: "I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use...Apple is preparing to launch some TV shows - actual original content - and has made a lot of significant hires in that field.It is also in talks with movie studios about the chance to offer rentals of movies just weeks after they appear in cinemas.The Apple TV 4K was unveiled in September 2017, and it's pretty great, but we're never satisfied with what we've got now.

Instead, we're looking ahead to the next version of the Apple TV: the sixth-generation model, which we're optimistically hoping will appear in 2018.

tv OS is the version of i OS that works on the Apple TV.

It was introduced with the Apple TV in 2015 and brought with it the Apple TV Store.

The new Apple TV is likely to feature an array of new hardware features, which we outline in this section.

This is without mentioning the significant software updates that will be added in tv OS 12.

There have been calls for Apple to make its own controller for gaming on the Apple TV, especially as some gamers feel that the games available for the Apple TV are hampered by Apple's insistence that games work with the Siri Remote, but it is unlikely that Apple would develop its own controller.