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To do this, he uses electron microscopy to capture ultra high-magnification snapshots of how a cell works.

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That's the starting point for this cell's singular journey to Sydney, where the magic between art and science begins.Ideally I would like to serve up a list of soundcloud songs to the user with php and html, and on click, I would like to play the song with my own visualizer, preferably the one I created in processing.I am having a real tough time trying to get this to work, and my ignorance with java definitely doesn't help.Prof Rob Parton in VR experience Being miniaturized, and now you're inside the cell.Narration in this story, we reveal how virtual reality is providing Australian scientists, doctors and patients with a striking new tool for research and education.Dr Angus Johnston in VR experience OK, so wow, feels like I'm standing on the surface of an alien planet!

Dr John Mc Ghee It's actually a completely immersive experience, it's a place that you go and I argue that will actually change the paradigm of education.

import ddf.minim.*; import ddf.minim.analysis.*; Minim minim; Audio Player song; FFT fft; int col=0; // color, oscillates over time.

void setup() void draw() { color Mode(HSB); background(0); // first perform a forward fft on one of song's buffers // I'm using the mix buffer // but you can use any one you like fft.forward(song.mix); col ; if (255So now what I would like to do is import the song source via a url, like say from soundcloud.

Film Clip from "Fantastic Voyage" "We stand in the middle of infinity between outer and inner space"Narration What was science fiction then is now a virtual science fact.

Dr John Mc Ghee We can take the data and we can take the VR technologies and fuse them together and actually allow people to experience it in the same way that we see in these sci-fi movies.

You can create visualizers or make elements in your wallpaper dynamic based on the audio input you receives, like colors or animations.