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Mackenna Birch thinks she's met the man of her dreams while on holiday in New Zealand.

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But when he disappeared without a word one morning, Mack cut her stay short by a few days and returned home to South Australia.Despite missing the birds and landscapes, I’ve enjoyed seeing some of my equine photography return to the spotlight, with published images not just in my own magazine (), but also on the covers and within the pages of many others.I also explored different types of equine photo shoots this year, from documenting educational clinics, seminars and camps, to working on projects for specialty magazines and even playing with light during portrait sessions (with horses, of course! I’ve retained my connection to nature and wildlife this year through my continued volunteer work for the Virginia Working Landscapes, a program of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute that promotes the conservation of native biodiversity and sustainable land use.I’ve been a fan and supporter for many years, and to become more involved as the center expands its footprint (unveiling a new 10,000-square-foot building with state-of-the-art hospital at the end of 2016) and mission within our Commonwealth is exciting and gratifying.Although, overall, I’ll remember 2016 with fondness for the many great experiences I had and achievements accomplished, it hasn’t been perfect.I really look forward to seeing where this new path takes the business in the coming year.

After focusing on nature and wildlife photography for the past several years, those subjects have taken a backseat recently to other, work-related commitments, and my camera lenses have been filled with horses again.

With many talented homebreds coming up the ranks through her successful breeding program and a busy sales business, there’s always a hunter or jumper for me to ride and show, and right now that’s ideal as I don’t own my own horse.

A highlight was showing the sale horse Dardam Q, pictured above, to the Children’s/Adult Jumper Championship at the Central California Classic Horse Show in Paso Robles in November.

As I look back upon the latter half of 2016, I miss reading the day-to-day and week-to-week posts that would have documented some of the important or inspirational times that shaped my year.

While I chose to blog years ago to primarily share and document my photography, I’ve discovered that in looking back my posts often became a personal journal that were my way of remembering those moments that meant a lot at the time but may be forgotten later in the fast-paced world we live in now.

The year also had its share of setbacks and disappointments.