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Traffic light cameras in west sussex

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It was only partially built before being cancelled in 1971 due to public opposition.

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The Allen proceeds on bridges over the lanes of the 401, with ramps from the Allen to 401 passing overhead.The Allen connects to Yorkdale Road by on- and off-ramps.The Yorkdale subway station is located between the two roadways, and over the Yorkdale connecting ramps.Similarly, two lanes are provided southbound over the 401, and access from the eastbound and westbound 401 merges with the Allen south of Yorkdale Road.Access to Yorkdale Road from the east-bound 401 is provided at the partial Dufferin Avenue interchange to the west.For a short stretch, the Allen is eight lanes, the lanes connected to the Yorkdale Road exits.

On either side of the road through this stretch concrete retaining walls were built on both sides.

The subway diverges from the route just north of Wilson Avenue, with a large subway yard and bus garage, known as Wilson Yard, to the west of the road.

Just south of Transit Road, a partial interchange with Wilson Heights is provided.

Its cancellation prompted the cancellation of the rest of the network.

The road begins at Eglinton Avenue West with two separate signalized intersections with the street.

The tracks of Line 1 Yonge–University are situated between the roadways. The roadway and subway are situated in a cut-out section of land, with grass and trees on either side.