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The story begins when Johnny accidentally summons Deemos, a lesser demon, from the abyss through his fireplace.Violence, Swearing, Adult Situations, And Much Much Less!

Phoebe Shankar falls through the cracks of reality into the bizarre and deadly world of Zokomaya.That's right we are offering a new promotion for our Sponsorship Ads (190x174) and you can join in the others and see for yourself exactly what TWC can do for you! Read more Twisted Manga - Phoenix Arizona's Japanese American community news, and Manga anime Otaku community. Twisted Manga is your one stop source for and twisted Anime, Manga, and Comics parodies, satire, and doujinshi.A space marine named Sharkey gets unknowingly caught up in a global government conspiracy. AK47-toting Rachel Rage seeks revenge over her father's death against mortal enemy, her real father Sheriff Jimmy Stewart.It follows the misadventures of multiple characters thru various story lines as well as one off jokes. Accelia and Arona are two friends who both were orphaned as babes.Alienated by the rest of the elves they've always looked out for eachother, but everything changes when some unexpected visitors come for a visit one night.Swiftriver is a comic about Bowie Swiftriver, an ex-thief whose world no longer makes sense. It's funny, it uses sprites, and it have real parts in it. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST DOUJINSHI · RATED: 18 - HENTAI/COMEDY · PAIRING: Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell · STORY: Chiruken · ART: Len Barboza Winry's plans to assert her dominance over Ed backfire in the most delightful way.

What Bowie initially thinks is a mental breakdown is actually the result of worlds colliding. Sequel to · SERIES: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell · STORY & ART: Len Barboza Post movie. Winry recognizes her repressed feelings for him after his absence, and these are corresponded A Legend of Zelda Doujinshi · STORY: Erika Ballinas · ART: Len Barboza Link suffer strange reactions since several days ago, probably related to his adventures as a wolf with Midna.

How Bowie can handle this information is anybody Mot Fleishman, a twenty-something living in Los Angeles, is suddenly thrust into the company Eros Inc. While living in the city, she matches up the hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless. Sarah never asked to become a demon slayer and yet events unfurled that took her along a path and a destiny few would choose. Will Zelda have the cure for these weird affections?

Sadie is transported to another realm by shady characters for a questionable purpose. Based off of the story, " The Wolf & The Lamb*." Bodyguard and Mercenary, Laine Reinward aka Wolf, is sent to capture and protect a unknown girl nicknamed Little Lamb.

This strip has been given the wonderful titles of, " The Worst Webcomic.... " and, " The Retarded Gay Unwanted Red Headed Step Cousin Of Cyanide And Happiness!

" Furry comic about Tamaki, the prince of the heavens, who comes to earth to find out about love, friendship and sadness among other, earthly furs as he searches for the demon who has King Beelzebub`s seal inside him to break the curse. It is a mess that will entangle Time, Space, and the Dimensions themselves with the merging of Science and Magic.

It features a cast of thousands, starring the mighty adventurer Rumfus! I don't want to spoil the rest for you,just start reading! Tsavo, a maneless male lion, doesn't know what he's getting himself into after challenging a king for his pride.