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So it has taken a mere 3 years in all to complete the project but on the plus side I had plenty of time to decide on the layout I wanted.

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Dear Ronald, I'm writing to tell you that finally my utracer is finished and working.We're now in Seaford, not too far from Hastings, which you have visited.There was a considerable break for house renovations before I was allowed to construct my new workbench!Keith Barnes 27th of December 2017, Not really a testimonial but still nice mentioning an overview article in the November issue of Signal. After finishing the assembly last night, I test a 6N8P tube which is a similar 6SN7 tube made in China.(visit their site) Dear Ronald & Marie, I have received your reply and do your suggest, but my CP2102 dirve don't have "BM options". After watching someone else's design, I think it might be the best jump line to use a DB25 plug.Dear Ronald and Marie-Jos Just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with the u Tracer.

The kit arrived early in October and, thanks to the excellent documentation, the board went together perfectly within a week.

For communication with the computer, the built-in USB and Bluetooth interfaces are used (Prolific PL-2303 and HC-06). 15th of October 2017, Max Aitken reports another (beautiful) u Tracer successfully completed!

In addition to conventional tube sockets, DIP ZIF socket is installed for testing miniature tubes with flexible "legs". Unfortunately, I photograph as badly as I write in English. :-)) Later I will make an additional replaceable plate with other tube sockets. Hi Ronald and Marie-Jos, Finally - here are some photos of my take on your brilliant concept.

Whenever a question came to my mind, it was already covered in the next sentence of the manual. I finished the circuit, made the first measurement (a half of ECC8? Then I designed the box for these two instruments, which I even manufactured, and I put my print in it, but then my forces ended. He has now studied the u Tracer-pages, and maybe he shall build his own instrument, too. The other, built by Salasmaa, is similar, even the colour of the box is the same.

My best regards, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hi Ronald, u Tracer 3 succesfully assembled and perfectly working!!! 2nd of November 2017, Gianni is ready to start the construction of his u Tracer! I present the promised photos of my version of your beautiful device.