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Top 10 dating rules for men

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If you start to act needy, an alarm bell will instantly sound in his head warning him that he’s losing his freedom and he will instinctively pull away from you.Now you might be wondering, how can I fix this and undo the damage?

Be confident in yourself and try to internalize the fact that you deserve an amazing relationship and with the right person it will happen freely and won’t need to be forced. He’s Having Doubts About the Relationship Doubts are normal, especially as a relationship deepens.Almost every woman has experienced the panic and uncertainty that occur when her man starts pulling away or withdrawing.Maybe it happens out of the blue, maybe something sparks it, either way, it’s a miserable feeling, one that leaves you feeling powerless and painfully insecure.The best thing to do is back off and give him some space.Spend that time focusing on yourself instead of worrying why he’s pulling away from you and what to do about it.If he wants your advice, he’ll ask for do with you or his feelings for you. You wouldn’t appreciate being forced into doing something that went against your nature and the same is true for him.

I understand that you think he should open up to you, but you can’t place these expectations on him. When someone forces us to be a certain way it’s violating and invasive.

You can invite them to open up, but you can’t badger them into it.

If your guy is having a hard time, be it from external sources like his job or he’s having some internal emotional issue, you have to give him the space to work through it on his own.

So what’s the deal, why do men pull away and what can you do about it?

Every guy is different, and every relationship is different, but in general men pull away for three main reasons. Most women have a hard time accepting that this is how men deal with issues because when we are having a difficult time, our first instinct is to talk about it and seek comfort from friends or loved ones. When a man is having a hard time, he needs to pull back and work through his issues on his own.

It’s a breach of our bondaries and it’s disrespectful.