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Now before coming to Canada, you can practice your use of the word “eh” and fit right in once you get here. And of course when the two-dollar coin came out with a picture of a Polar Bear on it we called it a Bearie or a Polie right?By far the silliest word for currency on the planet. No way…we ended up calling it a Toonie, because it rhymes with Loonie and we Canadians like things that rhyme.

Next, a lit bit was walked across each of the front panel lights in turn, marquee style.We grab a 2-4 of beer and go to the cottage to work on our “Molson Muscle.” A Molson Muscle is our endearing term for the beer bellies we have developed over years of drinking Molson Canadian Beer. Here's another great Canadian phrase for you, the Molson muscle. This is what we Canadians call our Backpack or Rucksack. All through my school years I would pack my knapsack with my schoolbooks. We call them Smarties and we like to eat the red ones last. I learned today on the CBC that it is an Inuit word for “The snow that melts.”What a Chinook is, is a warm wind that comes over the mountain in the dead of winter and instantly melts the snow and raises the temperature. (as in take a bow) Why people think we say aboot is beyond me.When I first started traveling 10 years ago, I said to myself, “Canadians call our Candy Bars Chocolate Bars and I like it. Chocolate, therefore they should be called chocolate bars. A very typical Canadian chocolate bar is a coffee crisp. This is what we Canadians call our Backpack or Rucksack. All through my school years I would pack my Knapsack with my schoolbooks. Being born in Alberta, Canada my parents often talked about Chinooks blowing in and how nice it was. It is needed because Alberta can be extremely cold. If I hear one more person say “Oh your Canadian, do you go oot and aboot? Canadian's don't say aboot, we say it more like A-boat. But if you really want to delve into the reasoning for the difference. She explains the diphthong differences eloquently here.We love our hockey almost as much as we love our Timmies.One of my favourite phrases that is uniquely Canadian is Two-Four. I am going to get a 2-4 of Canadian at the Beer Store.Horangi can provide a bespoke security plan comprised of specially selected services for any sized business.

Visual chat rooms add graphics to the chat experience, in either 2D or 3D (employing virtual reality technology).

We have a commercial where the announcer asks, “How do you like your coffee? When I first started traveling 10 years ago, I said to myself, “Well, I better buy a new Knapsack to carry everything.” I now use the term Backpack more often but I haven’t been able to say the term Rucksack, it is just odd to me. My mom and dad love to tell the story of a pair of boots that my grandmother sent to them to keep warm in the winter.

Well, my dad wore them out on one cattle drive and it was so cold that his boots cracked right open and shattered.

It is simple a tuque is a knitted hat used to keep the head warm. I don’t think that I have ever heard the term washroom anywhere else except for Canada. Here's a phrase you must learn when coming to Canada.

The Edge from U2 often wears a tuque and Jacques Cousteau always wore a tuque. Get a copy of Bob and Doug Mackenzie's Take Off Featuring Great Canadian Rocker Geddy Lee of Rush. I was surprised to see the word Toilet used so much. “I am going to Timmies to grab a box of timbits and a large Double Double.”That is what you say when leave the house to order an assortment of tasty doughnut centres and an oversized cup of coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars at Tim Horton Doughnuts. Tim Hortons by the way was founded by hockey legend Tim Horton.

These elementary Basic programs are still perhaps the only collection of programs that can honestly be said to run on any computer, anywhere.