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Here’s what he has to say about golf lessons from Herman.“Herman is patient but he is also persistent.If I’m not getting it, he must have 50 different ways to solve a problem until we click on one we like. Another thing I like is, he won’t automatically tear you down and rebuild you from scratch if you don’t need it.

With a good golf swing, you can really enjoy this game forever. If so, Herman Williams Golf is the place to get the golf instruction you’re looking for in plain, no-nonsense language with easy-to-understand videos and golf training articles.First, he consistently helps golfers lower their scores and have more fun practicing and playing.Herman is patient, understanding, has great people skills, and has the knowledge of the golf swing gained from teaching golf schools, golf clinics and more than 25,000 private golf lessons in the last 27 years. Students really appreciate Herman’s easy going attitude and attention to detail combined with an uncanny ability to relate the right mental picture or feel to get the desired swing change.Herman’s students include all levels and abilities – beginners, children, men, women, teenagers, senior citizens, college players, and aspiring Tour players from age 3 to 90. When his students find the cure, they say they’ve been “Hermanized.” Herman has testimonials from students in the States as far away as Nevada and California and internationally including Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, South Africa and India – all who have improved from his online golf instruction and email and video correspondence.But it’s really the way Herman gives a golf lesson that keeps his students coming back.

He eliminates the guesswork and his students are having fun.

In every lesson he includes video swing analysis to show me what’s going on, but he also gives me written notes after each lesson – kind of like a study guide.

As I get better he challenges me with tougher concepts, but he’s still working from the original blueprint.”“I knew what I wanted to do early on and pursued my dream by attending Methodist University and earning a degree in Business with a minor in Professional Golf Management.

Everybody likes learning something new, especially figuring out what makes such an aggravating game more manageable.

Herman doesn’t just tell you what to do either, he explains it so it’s organized and always includes digital video swing analysis so you can see what’s going on.

Video copies of swings with voice-over are standard in one-hour lessons and usually Herman will include written notes as well.