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(PROSE: The Cat Came Back) When she was about nineteen, Rose had her first encounter with the Doctor just after midnight on 1 January, 2005.

Indeed, when she met the Doctor, she was the girlfriend of Mickey Smith, but that relationship immediately began to decay after she started travelling in the TARDIS.Jack did not say hello, in order to avoid damaging their timeline.(TV: Utopia) When Rose was in her late teens, she and her mother, Jackie, were living in the Powell Estate in South London.(PROSE: The Red Bicycle) She attended Jericho Street Junior School, where she joined the gymnastics club, and won a bronze medal in competition.(TV: Rose) When Rose was fourteen she had a crush on Jay Selby, the brother of her clubbing friend Keisha. She'd never really been able to talk to him properly until five years later when she helped him to escape the Waterhives.(PROSE: The Stone Rose) Sometime in Rose's childhood, a cat wandered into Rose and Jackie's apartment.

Despite many attempts to get rid of it, the cat stayed and they gave in, with the cat living for 5 more years.

Rose worked as a shop assistant at Henrik's Department Store.

She entered into a relationship with Mickey Smith some time before 2005.

(TV: Rose, The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Father's Day, Army of Ghosts) Her father died when hit by a car while she was still a baby.

A future Rose who had travelled back to that same day with the Doctor was present for these events, and interacted with her infant self.

Mistaking him for a drunk, she asked if he was all right, and told him the date when he asked.