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A teacher mentions the fact that Paul’s mother died, which is possibly a reason for his acting out.Later in the story, it’s revealed that Paul is very into theater and art.

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His teachers make it evident that they aren’t fond of Paul.On the contrary, a short story does this amazing thing where it can fit an entire tale into a few pages, usually using an abundant amount of symbolism to discretely share the message.A short story always leaves my head turning, and they are always a great go-to option when I have limited free time.He shows so much interest in the arts that he tells his teachers that he doesn’t have time for their lessons.This, among other things, sends the teachers off and results in Paul's dad taking him out of school and essentially trying to control and change Paul's life.Sammy's attention is caught when three girls walk in with bikinis on.

The story follows Sammy's thought process while he watches these girls shop.

The only thing he wanted was to make his wife happy. After Mathilde sulked over not having anything to wear, he gave her money to buy a brand new, beautiful dress for this party and encouraged her to ask her friend, Mme. Mathilde found a beautiful diamond necklace which she borrowed from Forestier.

Mathilde Loisel was not only seen as royalty at this party, but she also felt like royalty.

This is when Paul runs away and finds himself in New York.

He steals money from his work and is living the life in the city, though he doesn’t know what’s in store for him.

Who would want to miss the bucktoothed weirdo whose shelves are lined with empty prescription bottles, the veterinary technician whose bedside table holds the unclaimed, mummified remains of someone’s pet bunny, and the Don Draper lookalike who shies at sex?