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The big bang theory 7x03 online dating

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As the BAU wraps up an investigation of brutal stabbings in Hamilton, New York, Morgan's visit with a survivor could raise more disturbing questions for the team to answer.

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"I've never had a chance to flex my acting muscles like this on the show! As they investigate, the discovery of an odd familial connection could finally lead them to make an arrest.Victims of arsenic poisoning are found in Long Beach, California.The investigation reveals that the killer (Brian Baumgartner) has a fascination with Greek mythology, based on handwritten death threats to the deceased and other mysterious clues.Hotch's stab injury makes him have visions of his deceased wife, Haley (Meredith Monroe) and George Foyet (C. Meanwhile, the BAU looks for a missing teenager (Madison Davenport) and investigate her estranged father (Todd Stashwick) as a possible suspect in her disappearance.The BAU travels to Provo, Utah to search for an unsub, committing ritualistic murders, whom they believe to have an obsession with the Salem Witch Trials.When two people turn up dead in a violent manner in the remote, rural community of Wheeling, West Virginia the BAU are asked to investigate.

They discover a deep-seated, violent feud between the two families of the victims, and try to determine which of the families are responsible for the murders.

The investigation reveals that one of the older family members (Adrienne Barbeau) has kept a disturbing secret for decades, and it may have come back to haunt her.

A frat party goes terribly wrong at Mecklinburg State College near Memphis, Tennessee and, as a result of a terrible, criminal act committed that night, several students are kidnapped and, subsequently, tortured.

After several people are killed by a sniper in Dallas, the BAU - with the help of a seasoned Dallas agent (Eva La Rue) - tries to determine whether the impending anniversary of the Kennedy assassination is what is causing the unsub to kill or if there is another motive at play.

As the BAU meets their new section chief, Mateo Cruz (Esai Morales), who has a previous work relationship with JJ of which the team is unaware, they are sent to Baltimore to search for an unsub who performs lobotomies on his victims.

Meanwhile, Garcia prepares to host a "Day of the Dead" celebration at her apartment.