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The aacs key is updating

the aacs key is updating-16

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All technical and legal measures applicable to the previously reported attack will be applicable against this attack as well.AACS LA employs both technical and legal measures to deal with attacks such as this one, and AACS LA is using all appropriate remedies at its disposal to address the attack. The player I believe is a viao branded version of windvd with blue ray support.It'll give you the same AACS msg but will actually go ahead and download the update for you.Or try this - after the aacs warning cancel the msg out and hit the play button. Notre réseau a détecté que vous êtes localisé en France.

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Note that this approval is for CCI copying only, and not for use as a Managed Copy Output Technology.

The main use case that NSM proponents provided to AACS LA is for content that has been recorded onto Blu-ray recordable media using AACS Recordable content protection that the consumer could then move (rendering the AACS Recordable copy unusable) to flash media protected by NSM for Self Encoding technology.

April 16, 2007 - AACS LA Announces Security Updates (Updated URLs) In response to attacks against certain PC-based applications for playing HD DVD and Blu-ray movie discs, Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator, LLC (“AACS LA”) announces that it has taken action, in cooperation with relevant manufacturers, to expire the encryption keys associated with the specific implementations of AACS-enabled software.

Consumers can continue to enjoy content that is protected by the AACS technology by refreshing the encryption keys associated with their HD DVD and Blu-ray software players.

The following manufacturers have provided links to provide relevant information and facilitate consumer updating of their players: Corel – publishers of Win DVD products Cyber Link – publishers of Power DVD products February 15, 2007 Regarding the reported attacks on 2/13/2007, AACS has confirmed that an additional key (called a “processing key”) has been published on public websites without authorization.