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Tennessee law contracts dating service

Tennessee's new social media law applies to employers with one or more employees (including the state and its political subdivisions), as well as any agent, representative, or designee of an employer.Under the new law, an employer may not: The social media law also makes clear that an employer is under no duty to search or monitor activity on a personal Internet account, nor is it liable for failing to request or require that an employee or applicant grant access to or allow observation of his or her personal Internet account.

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The Tennessee Timeshare Act of 1981 provides several important protections to purchasers of timeshares in Tennessee.These are but a few of the statutory provisions relevant to timeshare purchasers.Many other aspects of a timeshare sale are similarly regulated.If you have any questions about a timeshare purchase, fraud in a timeshare sale, required disclosures, or rescission, feel free to contact me at the number below. This blog is informational, and is not intended to provide legal advice.Every case is unique and requires individualized analysis.In addition, the law requires payment service providers to disclose (i) the effective date of the agreement; (ii) terms of the agreement; (iii) any provisions relating to early termination or cancellation of the agreement; and (iv) a full schedule of all payment services fees with respect to the credit card, debit card, or other payment services under the agreement.

The law also requires payment service providers to supply merchants with a monthly statement of fees, total value of transactions, and in some cases the aggregate fee percentage.

There is another statute of limitations which might allow a period longer than six (6) years. Even if the six (6) year statute of limitations might otherwise apply, a breach of contract case might have to be filed much sooner in order not to be barred by a shorter limitations period which was agreed to by the parties.

There is one (1) other possible statute of limitations which could apply in a breach of contract case which would require someone to file suit in less than six (6) years. §28-3-109 Contractually Agreed to Limitations Periods May Be Shorter Than Four Years, Six Years, or Ten Years, and Are Enforceable in Tennessee In many breach of contract cases, particularly insurance policy breach of contract cases and disability insurance policy cases, a statute of limitations placed in the parties’ contract will govern.

While a timeshare is an interest in real property, according to §66-32-103(a) of the Timeshare Act, the circumstances of a timeshare purchase might not always mirror this experience.

For example, a timeshare might be bought while the buyer is on vacation.

Furthermore, although the social media law permits employers to view publicly accessible profiles, employers should recognize that such conduct may give rise to a discrimination claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or a state equivalent if the employer takes adverse action based on information that reveals a protected characteristic such as race or religion.