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Ben told us: “I am offering (as long as it’s possible) to execute a good, accurate cover-up or re-work for free, for anyone that is unhappy with their tattoo that’s been done on the television show.

I have no dislike for the people who have put this show on air and I do admire them for putting themselves in the firing line…” “But being willing to bastardise everything so many of us have worked so hard to do, by churning out work of such a low quality, is deplorable.We aren’t here to gossip or criticise the work of any artists.I’m not a tattooist, I am not really entitled to an opinion, I believe.We’ve all done questionable pieces, it’s all part and parcel of what we do, nobody is a machine, but so many people have now moaned about the programme, that it was time to stand up and do something about it.” has a lot to answer for in terms of lowering the standards of tattooing as a whole in the UK.Now the average Joe will think that this mediocre level of tattooing is the acceptable standard, when there are artists in this country who do absolutely phenomenal work being overlooked.I’m looking at her artwork hanging on my kitchen wall as I type.

As a tattoo blog we (and I as a person) campaign to spread positivity, create a friendly community and give tattoo artists the utmost respect we possibly can.

He also knew the lady was to get a breast augmentation at a future date and has tattooed way further up than needed.

The tattoo will then cover a large part of the new breast tissue, making the new tattoo way more noticeable and intrusive than it was before.” “Another example of his lack of knowledge and skill is the colour palette he used. In using it, he has ensured that the client will find it very hard to laser, as red is one of the more difficult colours to get rid of.

“His lines are shaky, the roses look at best, like cabbages, the lace looks like tangerine bags and there is a whole portion of this tattoo that is not covering up anything and looks just as dark and horrendous as the cover-up portion.” “The jewel with the stag inside disappears into the belly button…

a mistake that could have been fixed easily if he had considered for a moment that the placement was off before he even started tattooing.

Both of my studios get an abundance of messages daily, from people with horrendously designed and executed tattoos that they want touched-up.” Ben is already speaking directly to 7 individuals who have been tattooed on the show and not happy with their cover-ups.