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Sxe sanaa lathan

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The 45-year-old actress, who stars in Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, debuted a fresh buzz cut in a Tuesday, September 5, Instagram post.

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That is true, but it's not something that I focus on.French Montana would never get over his seemingly One True Love Khloé Kardashian, Hollywood romance has found the Bronx rapper once again.Turns out, he's traded up from reality TV to full-time bona fide actress: he's dating Sanaa Lathan, star of classics like dating" while doing nothing to dispel that French is the, ahem, perfect guy in question.She helped me with all of the emotional challenges that a woman goes through being in law enforcement. I spent time with another woman who was a black patrol officer for many years, and she [told] me that it was so stressful at times that she was suicidal, even within the force. Women in law enforcement, they have to be so strong on so many levels and Ashe is kind of dealing with PTSD from seeing what she's seen.Law enforcement, in and of itself, is such a high-stress, emotionally challenging job. Because of that, she may be struggling with being a good mom.It's only audio but you can basically hear her smiling through the non-direct answer.

How beautiful that French has a new, gorgeous lady to pull up to La Marina with for the remainder of the summer.

I had wanted to work with Gina [again] since17 years ago. I love that she's going through a personal turmoil in her career as well as a turmoil in her personal life.

We had tried to work together a couple times and it never really happened. We have amazing directors, Jonathan Demme being one of them. She's passionate about her pursuit of justice and the truth—she's relentless in getting that truth and she'll do whatever it takes, even if it's outside of the law. I was very moved by her journey and also really moved by the fact that this is such an important subject matter to be dealt with. She's a woman of color who is an investigator with the Department of Justice.

In the flick (Halle Berry also stars and is a producer!

), Lathan plays Violet, a women who leads a seemingly flawless life until an accident at her hair dresser causes her life to unravel.

With a little help from a soulful barber and his young daughter, Violet starts to put the pieces back together and finds the courage to cast of some things she realized she didn’t really need, starting with her perfect hair. “The first of MANY hair changes for #Violet, my character in #Nappily Ever After.