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If you take a moment to consider their content, they actually say a lot about German culture, and I have come to discover that the serves as a rare outlet for an even rarer form of expression in Germany: sarcasm.

This behavioural nudge of course is necessitated by the ubiquitous German shelf toilet, which requires precision accuracy in the standing position to avoid unsightly spray on your clothes and all bathroom surfaces.I didn't live in a WG when I studied abroad, but I remember seeing the exceedingly complex charts of scheduled tasks and regular duties to be done in the flat, with each resident neatly pencilled in for each area in successive weeks.I also remember that those charts were almost never obeyed, and that conflict and hijinks ensued.Though I sympathise to some extent with this person, I can't really imagine feeling the urge/need to post all of these thoughts in the hallway, much less wax philosophical about the evils of online shopping and my own personal hostility toward modernity. To some extent, all cultures post hand-written announcements, notes, signs, etc., but in my experience, the German note is particularly prolific and a lot more interesting.More art, more creativity, and more exclamation points in more situations.Like many other things in Berlin, the world of notes there has taken on a life of its own to become the most interesting and colourful in all of Germany.

This reality is evident in the rising popularity of a newish website with the goal of spotting these fleeting little notes in the wild and recording them for posterity.

Place a group of 5–10 students or young people in close quarters with a shared kitchen area and you're bound to have some good old fashioned aggression; but often, this aggression is not expressed in person, either because the aggressor cannot find the aggressee at the moment the aggressor wishes to express his/her thoughts to the whole (community) and is unable to arrange an all-hands-on-deck WG meeting on short notice, or because the author opts for the 'passive-aggressive' note.

Our first example (see photo) comes from a wonderful book by Oonagh O'Hagan called (I need that ham. – A picture book from the totally normal world of shared-flat insanity), and is a great example of the avoidance of face-to-face confrontation.

– in English, the posted note, announcement or sign.

These little notes appear in countless different places ranging from an apartment building foyer to the walls of a shared flat to street lampposts.

In this example, I don't hold out too much hope for the artist successfully reacquiring their pilfered doormat – after all, I don't know too many doormat thieves that are likely to return to the , much less heed the demands of a posted request for the return of the stolen goods.