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Summer glau and thomas dekker dating

Later in the series it is revealed that Cameron assumed the identity of a resistance fighter, Allison Young, before being reprogrammed. He is Enrique's nephew, and purveyor of forged documents. Among those who sought his service were Sarah and John Connor, and Cameron.During a meeting with FBI Special Agent James Ellison in a deleted scene of the episode "The Turk", it is implied that Carlos also forged identification and allied documents for Derek Reese and his unit at some point after their arrival from 2027.

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Felicia assumes that Sarah is being abused and shot by her boyfriend/husband and relates with her.Carter hires various human military personnel, who are unaware of what he truly is, to assist him in his assignment.Once his mission is completed, Carter kills his humans, secures the storage area, and shuts himself down to await further orders.Derek Reese and John Connor save him from a T-888 while he is in military prep school.In the future, he participates in a mission with John of freeing Skynet's prisoners from one of its concentration camps, Century, including Kyle Reese.Vick Chamberlain, portrayed by Matt Mc Colm, is a T-888 Terminator sent back in time to help create a traffic surveillance network that Skynet hopes to use in the future.

An advanced infiltrator, Vick poses as the husband of city manager Barbara Chamberlain, murders one of her political enemies, and adapts his mission to attack a group of Resistance fighters, including Derek Reese, when he finds one of them spying on her.

Remembering that two other Sarah Connors were killed in 1984 by the T-800 hunting for her, Sarah shelters and protects the boy with the guardian terminator Cameron Phillips, while John Connor and his uncle Derek Reese hunt the T-888.

In the Connor home, he prepares a book report on L.

Father Bonilla is shocked when John Connor tries to cut into Cameron's skull to remove its chip but is quickly chased away by Sarah.

Bonilla appears again in the season finale, conducting a confession to who turns out to be Chola, the lookout in Carlos' gang in the first season. Bonilla is also asked for by Sarah Connor when she's incarcerated in LA County Lockup and gets trapped in Sarah's chamber when Cameron assaults the security to break her out. Felicia Burnett treated Sarah Connor's gun wound in the episode "The Good Wound." She was portrayed by actress Laura Regan.

Barbara Chamberlain was the city manager of Los Angeles, whose project would have become a part of Skynet's future infrastructure.