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Summary of the adulterous woman by albert camus

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He was able to keep the faith, because God remained faithful to him to prepare, equip, and protect him.

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This young boy is the designated heir to the imperial throne, only third in line after his uncle and father.This is the message Jeremiah must deliver, and one of the recurring motifs of the book.Second, however, we see the promise of God to Jeremiah.The Lord warned Jeremiah that he would face great resistance, but also bolstered his confidence with promise of His deliverance (v. God made a decisive call on Jeremiah’s life, and he responded in great faith.He followed the Lord in a very dangerous environment with a very offensive message.Jeremiah was God’s mouthpiece to preach the message of judgment and restoration.

Through visions, God clarified two things: first, like the almond tree, which blooms first and watches spring’s arrival, so God would watch over His word to bring it to fruition (Jeremiah –12); second, like the tilting boiling pot, there was disaster brewing for God’s people in Judah because they had forsaken the Lord, and Jeremiah was to warn them (Jeremiah –16).

A quick look at 2 Chronicles 34-36 reveals the history of Judah’s downward spiral from Josiah’s religious reforms to Judah’s exile at the hand of Babylon.

Like a boiling pot, destruction will come from the north.

APPLY THE WORD Perhaps you can relate to Jeremiah’s sense of inadequacy, or you feel guilty for falling short of expectations.

God encouraged Jeremiah to look beyond his personal capacity to His abundant resources.

The Lord has given us everything we need to serve Him faithfully.