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Succeeding at online dating

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Depressing though it might be, this ugly side to the feminine psyche is not confined to the workplace. My daughter India is only eight but already her class is run by a team of 'Queen Bees' who dictate what every little girl should wear.

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It's as though they want to make us suffer for daring to step away from the administrative positions women traditionally occupied in the sexist times of old.For those who still do not have the second half, I have made a special review of one of my favorite dating sites, which I often recommend to my friends. So, let me make a dating site review without delay. Victoria Hearts is a great and quickly growing online dating website.It is officially registered in California and has become perfectly known worldwide recently.They also say they have already connected thousands of people from different countries.As far as I understand, the website offers responsive customer support and cares about the protection of all its clients` financial and personal information.' snapped another, pointedly stalking past me with her home-made sandwiches into the fridge. Nor do we see men behaving in this way: their envy is usually quickly vented and forgotten.

Not like you.'As the novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford pointed out this week, nothing offends most women more than the success of another woman.

When a man loses a job to another man, he may feel angry, but he doesn't feel something's been stolen from him and won't usually plot revenge.

Everyone knew I jogged to work every morning in sweatpants and trainers.

As I walked into my office early one morning, the frosty atmosphere hit me as surely as if I'd opened a freezer door. 'I wish I could afford to buy clothes like that.' 'Lunching out again today, Katie? I believe this is an issue that sets the sexes apart: women couldn't care less about how well their male colleagues do.

I swear even the wall clock stopped ticking and the printer ceased humming. I'd barely got one arm out of my jacket before the barbed comments began: 'That's a nice NEW suit Katie,' sniffed a secretary. Taylor Bradford was speaking as a hugely successful author, now in her 80th year, with a personal fortune of £200 million.

This is where I am proud to say I behave like a man in business.