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Below, I’ll go through each available Forgiveness and Discharge program in detail, so prepare for heavy reading, because you’ll need to get into specifics to determine which program will work best for you.All of the programs above are excellent opportunities for getting rid of your loans, but remember that most of them are going to require many years of payments before you can get rid of your debt (except some of the Healthcare and Nursing programs, which are super accelerated).

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S.-based Corporations), or living entirely off the grid (so you have no money to take)!

Please read through the Forgiveness and Discharge Programs listed below, see what you think you may qualify for, then click the links to go to other pages of my site where I explain each program in extreme detail.

If you have questions about anything I’ve covered on this page, feel free to leave a Comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you in 24 hours!

First, you’ll have to determine whether your loans are Federal, or Private, and then you’ll need to navigate to the section of this page covering your type of loan, as your loan type is the most important factor in determining which programs you’ll qualify for.

Keep in mind that while it’s way easier to get rid of Federal loans (because there are so many more programs for them), it’s no longer impossible to qualify for excellent Private Student Loan Forgiveness benefits too, because there are definitely some great options out there now!

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