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Stuck on validating identity

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Based on this information and your country of residency, we’ll offer you the fastest and most suitable method of completing the verification.You can verify your identity directly within the N26 app either through Video Verification with our partner IDnow or through Photo Verification with our partner Safe Ned.

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For natural persons following data has to be collected from every N26 customer: Before starting the verification of your identity, we’ll ask you which identity document you’d like to use.In order to start the process, please log into your N26 app and choose Post Ident as your identification method.We will send you an email with a coupon that you can print.These verifications are requested during the on-boarding process and are required prior to depositing funds or trading.Please view the requirements and tips for your region below. Document upload For customers in the US, a driver's license or state ID are accepted forms of ID.Please repeat the photo verification with a device that has a better camera, or change to an area with a sufficient amount of natural light.

The Post Ident service offered by Deutsche Post allows you to verify your identity at your local post office.

Note: To confirm your identity, you'll need both a valid bank account and a Pay Pal account.

N26 Bank as a fully licenced German bank is obliged to gather certain information of your identity before entering a business relationship, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Once your Post Ident has been submitted, your N26 Mastercard will be ordered, and you will be able to pair your smartphone with your account.

GDAX requires two identity verification steps for all customers.

Photo Verification with our partner Safe Ned is not available for customer with German residence.