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Others ruled suitors out purely because they disliked their name, or had negative past experiences with someone with the same moniker. She would mispronounce words with a 'u' as if they had like a double-o 6. This girl always answered the phone with, ' Hi what's wrong?

He had noodle breath even though we didn't eat noodles 7.

WITH online matchmaking and dating apps a big part of modern day relationships, often we can find ourselves spoilt for choice. Too bad that every time she laughed she really sounded like a horse. They sucked at spelling and were proud of the fact that they hadn't read a book in years 15 I was dating a girl that I realised resembled my mom - same haircut, same height, same goofy personality. Research recently revealed that the average single Brits must ensure four disastrous dates a year.

This is probably why singletons are getting increasingly fussier with who they settle down with. After terrible experiences with a Madison, a Geneva, and a Sidney, I made a rule not to date women named after a Geographic location 3. He held his arms like there were carpet rolls under them all the time 12. And to find the perfect partner, many are heading online.

The identity of her mystery fella has now officially been revealed exclusively to OK! According to a source close to the ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Steph's new fella is named Lewy Browne. Online: "Lewy Browne is the man dating Stephanie Davis.