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Thus, not only do the verses from the 4 Gospels blend and harmonize together, but even the individual words and groups of words in the verses also blend together. AND MANY OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL SHALL HE (BRING BACK) TO THE LORD THEIR GOD. AND ZACHARIAS SAID (TO) THE ANGEL, (HOW CAN I BE SURE OF THIS–NIV)?This chronological 4 Gospel Bible takes a big step further than just putting groups of verses together. AND HE SHALL GO (out) (as a forerunner) BEFORE HIM (or ahead of) (the Lord) IN THE SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH, TO TURN THE HEARTS OF THE FATHERS (back) TO THE CHILDREN, AND THE DISOBEDIENT TO THE WISDOM (or attitude) OF THE (RIGHTEOUS); TO MAKE READY A PEOPLE PREPARED FOR THE LORD. FOR I AM AN OLD MAN, AND MY WIFE WELL (ADVANCED) IN YEARS.

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This enables a person to read and study all four as a unit.However, it was discovered that it is as if all 4 Gospels were originally one complete book, but then the Lord gave part to Matthew, part to Mark, part to Luke, and part to John. AND (YOU) (WILL) HAVE JOY AND GLADNESS (or he will be a joy and delight to you–NIV); AND MANY (people) SHALL REJOICE (BECAUSE OF) HIS BIRTH.The 4 Gospels are not 4 accounts of the life of Jesus, but rather one single account given to 4 people to present with many portions being repeated. FOR HE SHALL BE GREAT IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD, AND SHALL DRINK NEITHER (or is never to drink–JNT) WINE (or) STRONG DRINK (or other liquor, or fermented drink); AND HE SHALL BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST (or Spirit), EVEN FROM HIS MOTHER’S WOMB.One soon discovers that the variations in the four separate accounts of the Gospel are not contradictions, but rather enhancements that can help a student of the Bible gain great knowledge, as the Holy Spirit opens his understanding. AND (meanwhile) THE PEOPLE WAITED FOR ZACHARIAS, AND (WERE WONDERING) (or surprised) THAT HE (STAYED) SO LONG IN THE TEMPLE.God willing, this is the final, completed, entire chronological 4 Gospels with individual verses and parts of verses broken down. AND (there) (as they watched) AND AS HE PRAYED, (He) WAS TRANSFIGURED (or began to change form–JNT) BEFORE THEM: THE (APPEARANCE OF HIS FACE BECAME DIFFERENT–NASB), AND HIS FACE DID SHINE AS THE SUN, AND HIS (CLOTHING) WAS (or became as) WHITE AS THE LIGHT (or as bright as a flash of lightning–NIV). AND WHEN HE CAME OUT, HE COULD NOT SPEAK (TO) THEM: AND THEY (REALIZED) THAT HE HAD SEEN A VISION IN THE TEMPLE FOR HE BECKONED (or kept making signs, or signs) (TO) THEM, AND REMAINED SPEECHLESS (or unable to speak).The goal was to present to the student of the Bible the exactness of the KJV verses, enhanced with portions from other versions to add more clarity. Time period: From John the Baptist to after the ascension of Jesus into heaven. Statistics: 16 chapters 678 verses 15,171 words Author: Luke (the physician). For the Gentiles, with perhaps the Greek mentality in view. ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM; AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANY THING MADE THAT WAS MADE (or apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being–NASB). THERE WAS IN THE (TIME) OF HEROD, THE KING OF JUDAEA, A CERTAIN PRIEST NAMED ZACHARIAS, OF THE COURSE (or priestly division) OF (ABIJAH): AND HIS WIFE WAS (also) OF THE DAUGHTERS OF AARON, AND HER NAME WAS Elizabeth.

This was done by replacing words such as ye with you and yea with yes. For/to: Seems to have been written with the Roman mentality in view. At a later time, he also wrote Acts as a sequel to the Gospel of Luke. AND THEY WERE BOTH RIGHTEOUS BEFORE GOD, WALKING IN (or observing) ALL THE COMMANDMENTS AND ORDINANCES (or requirements) OF THE LORD (BLAMELESSLY).

It takes the individual verses that are presented in more than one Gospel, and breaks them down into parts. AND THE ANGEL ANSWERING SAID (TO) HIM, I AM GABRIEL, (I STAND) IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD; AND (I) AM SENT TO SPEAK (TO) (YOU), AND TO SHOW (YOU) THESE GLAD TIDINGS (or Good News).

Thus, a person will see on some verses labels such as Mt 17:1 (pt 1), Mt 17:1 (pt 2), etc. It then takes the individual verses or words or parts of verses from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and combines them together. This is an advanced, word by word, phrase by phrase chronological 4 Gospel Study Bible. It is no longer needful to take a verse or verse in part from Matthew and try to find if the same verse is in Mark, Luke, or John and whether any adds additional information. There are many incredible “pearls or insights” of knowledge that can be obtained by carefully examining each topic and verse in this way. AND, BEHOLD, (YOU) (SHALL) BE DUMB (or silent, or mute), AND NOT ABLE TO SPEAK, UNTIL THE DAY THAT THESE THINGS SHALL (TAKE PLACE), BECAUSE (YOU) (DID NOT BELIEVE) MY WORDS, WHICH SHALL BE FULFILLED (or come true) IN THEIR (PROPER TIME).

Since it is not known for sure the exact year and date that Jesus was actually born, the verses are dated in relation to the birth of Jesus. Time period: From "In the beginning" to just prior to Jesus ascending to be with His Father.

For example, Lk 1:5 is dated as happening 16 months before the birth of Jesus. and was crucified when He was about 33½ years, perhaps in our month of September or October. Where: Probably written in Ephesus to record Jesus’ signs (,31), so readers would believe in Jesus–ref .

This may also be done, because the English word used several hundred years ago could be misunderstood in this generation. AND THE WHOLE MULTITUDE OF THE (ASSEMBLED WORSHIPERS) WERE PRAYING (OUTSIDE) AT THE (HOUR) OF (the) INCENSE (offering or burning).