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ll(i UM-x wrrr rocked and drain ro'ers blowti hleli tnfn Ihe air. 00 cliildreii were niar K\V TRL’CK GL ARANTKE 10.00x20 ■ 12 and 14 ply Urea. even now oomuder what can b« done tu maintain the beauty and continuity of the avenue. The a of planting a Road of R -membrance to fallen heroe- appeared in prim a.s early i . a OUDY AUTOMATIC OIL FURNACES ^OAl^ It's « simple sum . • Easy Low Cost Financing • Free Estimates • 1-Day Installations • Guaranteed Workmanship Ml* rmt» ro Tnr.-n Ot Wv* Sartt) aiji r*fi Aribxf Srn«r* Wlnniv^ ar»n4««)r■4t• c*l««rr . In A iir M.v MHK* n\ thing sw K‘lngisi» would wish •dy dvi Mler dorinrs - Hut to see in more us eii\ dwell n«e njw-:=i H i Iihi-I look at It that er»' a behel in 'lietr lellowi- w-a’. Multiple Listings give you a complete survey of the best buys offered by 51 leading Real Estate Houses In the area , . the home placed as a Multiple Lbiting reaches all their proepcfi.s, gives you action in the sale of your property. nty-living types, were caupht tn a small hole almost one mile underground. }, I9S( f Ullu Wi TO in- right u«»rr su Xh’ml by In Croatfr VU* Hona M Mallhc Vls t«. bordered with Urge ire s France, who ofllciated on whose binnche-t w'ould be March 1925. PHONE tv i -1112 Plitmbmq Heating and Kitchen Centre Millions of Homeless Dotss Bailit (Ealontf} ■ C 15 Sunilsr, No*. nrw rut- tcra and downpipra lnalallc«l — Frr#* catlmatrs for a betlcr Job hv quallfird crew! He came to Victoria In 1933 and wax a former manager of the focal branch of Manufactur ers' Life Insui-anoe C! Friday at South Park School The event la held for James Bay. The Christmas gift for the family FOLDING DOORS ANTHES advancko i! plenty during the long hours of •'But there could be anulher darkness, keeping up the U mii -cle. publir relallon.s chle# of ih« ROBERT SOMMERS ex-forest minister guilty on first charge EDUCATION MINUSTFR Pk TERSON . hack* Victoria move Vir Tense, ('ourt .jammed Sipcrpfl Convention iilie^Tl FU ATION MADK J'U mote bodies were hr^'k Akt up during the day and identifi ■ation waa made of the dead miner left behind In the late. That raj*ed the total known dead lo 4.1 Rescue leam.s aul) dug through the rubhie deep m the mine looking for the oihei 11 i LMed ai mlsalng. John Gray four and Ever The conspiracy charge con green Lumber . Peterson e U hy thp Prpmipr Chonp thp Pporp (Page 8) OKNKVA (AP) — I Ji.. crowded, courtroom by two RCTd P offi- cers -The pel In the home of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fon Unne it Lisa, a dachs- hund who la so sens Mtve about her advancing years that Hie stars whisper Ihe age if they think she might be within ear- shot.

SHINGTON moj(, opposing a resolution aak- Ing for laboi ri.rtjjis, said he didn't think they were the end all for problems In labor rela- tioiu . Smith I from Victoria, said moat pen pie at the convention "are not ern rapiial; in the -sftermath -ll Soviet persecution of the famnuil author. It was the fourth consecutive year that an Import hack Xlelder hax won the most popular player award. f CP'- Nsnatmo Clippers came Irom behind Saturday to He Chilli Wick Flamingos 7-7 In the first I.jingu Bge Is believed to h8ve|Pariflc Coast Amateur Hockey originated with the Aziltan cul- l Aague game played at the new lure of France in 15.(X)0 B.

Sommers guilty of conspiracy, along with timber brokerage firm president H. Gray, the man from whom he is said to have taken bribes while in office. I'l *1 ■'¥ Sommers and (iray were taken to Oakalla Prison k.3vl Cl-t- 1 1 Cl ■ 1 Fann.

whore they will fie held until eompldtion of the lon^rthy and ^omp!

4 53 East Coast of Vancouver la Und^Gale warning In effect for Georgia Sira Jt.

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