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In return, he brought her flowers and asked Diane for her mobile number, even though he spoke barely a word of English.

After handing virtually all her worldly goods over to her young husband when she moved to his native country, she is now trapped in a situation that is as desperate as it is incredible.She was meant to be travelling with a German woman she had met while on holiday the year before in the Dominican Republic, but her travelling companion dropped out because of ill health.‘I’d have lost my money if I didn’t go,’ says Diane, ‘so I went on my own.’The Mermaid Hotel, an all-inclusive beach-side resort ‘where tranquillity meets paradise’ was, says Diane, ‘lovely and peaceful’.I didn’t click with anyone.’Clearly she was lonely and, therefore, vulnerable when she first began exchanging text messages with Priyanjana. I love you.’They became Facebook friends, and as his English improved, they began to speak to each other on screen via Skype.‘I started to develop strong feelings for him so I said: “I’ll come back over and see you.” ’By then, Priyanjana was already talking about marriage, and while Diane says she tried to put him off, she was clearly flattered by his apparent ardour.If she ever suspected he might be after her money, her doubts were blotted out by the possibility of finding love with a man who seemed to adore her. More info about REN TV , program guide and shows can be found on the Official website of REN TV.

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But having never married, had children or found enduring love — she lived at home with her parents until their deaths when she was in her mid-40s — Diane believed that Priyanjana represented her last chance of finding love, even if it meant giving up her life in the UK to do so.

Even before she arrived in Sri Lanka in November 2011, her holiday plans had gone awry.

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By then, she had been presented with a silver and amethyst ring and Priyanjana had had her name tattooed on his upper arm.