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Spiritual soulmates dating

As part of her "rule of three," which also includes seeing someone three times within the first three weeks of dating, Graham recommends waiting three months before sleeping with someone.

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Graham, who is also the star of TLC's "Psychic Matchmaker," tells Bustle that she can tune into people's energetic fields to find out what their romantic histories look like, where their paths are leading, and what they need to do to remove obstacles in their way.Even though they didn't end up dating, he had a friend who needed a puppy — and happened to hit it off with her."You never know what may happen when you open yourself up," she writes.People get nervous on first dates and don't always give off the best initial impressions.Plus, the person you connect with on a soul level doesn't always match the image you have of your perfect match, so it might take a while for you to realize you've met that person.While Graham isn't opposed to one-night stands, she recommends taking the relationship slowly if you're looking for something long-term to see if you two have what it takes to form a bond without the aid of a physical relationship.

Graham's philosophy is based on the overriding principle that you will not meet your soulmate until you're ready.

Sometimes, she'll even look at a photo and tell a client if the person in it is compatible with them. When she spoke to me, for example, she said I would meet my soulmate in three years.

She believes there's one "twin flame soulmate" for everyone, and until you meet that person, you have "fillers" — relationships that come along to teach you about yourself and prepare you for that final, spiritually destined partnership.

You also might not be feeling it with someone during a first or second date simply because you're not yet comfortable enough to open yourself up.

So, Graham recommends going on three dates before making a decision about whether or not you want to continue seeing someone.

Between the letdown that comes from high expectations and the jadedness that comes from low ones, setting expectations is a surefire way to make dating unenjoyable.