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Speed dating in las vegas

“I went for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon,” says another. When the music gets too loud, I walk to the front desk to see Paul, a hotel employee I’ve been talking to for a few weeks.

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Keng Joo suggests we go to the nearby Planet Hollywood for a drink, which everyone agrees is a great idea. * * * he sky is bright orange from the setting sun. Sewer stench has replaced the scent of cold tobacco.He tells me about the fragrances pumped through the air conditioning systems to cover the smoke odor.He depicts the “dildo bins” discarded every year during spring break when customers leave personal items behind after a few nights of kinky adventures.He brings up the sixty thousand pounds of shrimp eaten every day in the city.“It’s a shit show, but it’s a fun shit show,” he jokes. Paul nods, swiftly puts the bill in his pocket and writes down the man’s room number. The man nods and walks back to the elevators as if nothing happened.He relaxed in his sauna for an hour before putting on a grey Armani suit from the Winter 2015 collection, purchased directly from Giorgio Armani himself in Milan.

But for now, Keng Joo is celebrating his big win and doing awkward dance moves on the gaming floor. “Stay close, I’ll show you around.” I follow him to another high limit room, where a member of his entourage is playing blackjack.

You can feel the heat being released like lava and undulating over the cheering people. The winner is Hari Keng Joo, a stubby Malaysian entrepreneur in his thirties.

You can feel it in the timeless night – or is it day? Keng Joo spends a week in the gambling capital of the world every year. His partnerships in several venture capital firms never contradicted his habits so far. Dubai is nice, but Vegas is the real deal, you know? ” Like most of the forty million visitors who come to Las Vegas every year, Keng Joo is here to unwind and gamble.

“Black eleven,” the croupier announces as the ball stops in a jolt. A deafening cry of victory immediately surges from the crowd’s collective throat.

Strangers shout at the top of their lungs until their lungs are shut out of air.

He has a reputation for being an extremely generous tipper and for throwing legendary multi-day events.