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"Our initial inquiry was that the damage from inside the vehicle is consistent with it being stolen, which was our initial concern."Police have confirmed as yet there have been no arrests in relation to the incident.

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Vivarail is based at a large site in Long Marston, near Stratford upon Avon, where it stores its stock of 226 carriages and can refurbish and refit the trains to specific client requirements.After waiting for what seemed an age he was finally discovered by a porter, who, much to Brian's disappointment escorted him to the Station Master's Office to be reunited with his distraught mum, whereas the blasé Brian was having much more fun watching trains!The stately procession of Gresley and Peppercorn Pacifics at the London terminal became the catalyst for Brian's lifelong passion for, and involvement with, steam locomotives.He did not see the romance in steam; hard graft, dirty and dangerous, whereas the diesels brought comfort of a type.But you still had to fill out your reports.(Above) Sporting a York (50A) shedcode on the smokebox door, Class B16/3 No 61476, one of Thompson's rebuilds of Raven's original B16/1 with Walschaerts valve gear, awaits departure from Scarborough with the 10.10am to York on June 8th 1961…this was a big day for the then aspiring 13 year-old photographer, Brian Cooke!Typical of the post-war baby-boom period, a small boy's development was greatly influenced by trains and railways; in particular steam engines played a major role, not least of all for Brian, whose interest began during the mid-Fifties when he was just 8 years-old.

It happened while he was staying in London with an elderly aunt, who put him on a suburban train to meet his mother at Kings Cross station.

On January 1st 1948, the former 'Big Four' railway companies: London North Eastern Railway (LNER); London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMSR); Great Western Railway (GWR) and Southern Railway (SR) were amalgamated to form the new British Railways.

A total of 20,211 steam locomotives were taken into State ownership consisting of: 1,838 from the SR, 3,856 from the GWR, 6,525 from the LNER, and 7,805 from the LMSR.

However he has found little information on the Internet beyond the track plan from the old OS maps (1922 copy below) and a small number of photographs.

This has left him with large gaps in the overall picture, such as close-up pictures of the signal box, an NER gantry type similar to those which survive at Wylam and Hexham, but which seemingly burnt down in the early 60's.

She had just gone to bed when she said she was woken by the sound of a car screeching and a loud bang. I looked out the window and I saw the car hanging out of the sitting room.