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Special waiting dating friends reunited

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It is still unclear what caused the episode, beyond Williams' claim that she had overheated in her costume.

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Her breathing was labored and her hands were shaking at the time. next summer, and I am looking for information on touring the base.I was hoping to show my family where I spent 2 years of my Air Force life.The episode happened right as Williams was returning from break and preparing to announce the winners, with the host seeming out of breath and a bit dazed as she began to speak.She then could be seen visibly struggling to read the cue cards just seconds in, and said 'carest' instead of contestant before her eyes widened and she began to fall back from the podium she was leaning on for support.He also stated that Williams had been examined by medical professionals at her studio, but did not provide any additional details about that beyond saying that she 'is well.'Torrisan closed out his statement by noting: 'She has never missed a day of work and is looking forward on November 13th to her 1500th show.' Some have taken to social media to question if the entire incident was a stunt, though the video seems to dispute that notion.

It did occur however during Sweeps Week, the quad-annual time when adjusted viewer numbers are determined for programs and new advertising rates set according to ratings.

Last I saw him was in 2002 he was working in the Pentagon in manpower, retired and moved somewhere in VA. take care Bill [email protected] Kirkham (30/11/2017) Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Just checking to see if some people are around from the late 60s. Harr, Le Roy Meyer, David and Pat Johnson, found some of the folks from the KOTBQ that email now and again.

I was the secretary in the Personnel Services Office during all that time, making $1.00/hour with a college degree, so I like to think that I also served :-). I worked in the office with Sgt Mike La Valley, from California.

Vaughan was the quarterback on the football team, and we had great parties after all the games. Does anyone remember the unforgettable character, TSGT (Leonard J.) Flynn? I am still great friends with the English girl I met back then, Gill Levy Miner.

A spokesperson for Williams said on Tuesday afternoon that all was well with the host, and more details would be shared on Wednesday's episode of her daytime talk show.