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Czech World Junior defenceman Martin Pláněk led all rearguards with 8 points in 8 games.The Czech Football association has had its main office in Prague since 1922.

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In the best-of-three final, the home team won each game.At the other end, Ondřej Kacetl was beaten on 7 of 24 shots.Znojmo took to its home ice on Tuesday night needing a win to prolong the series, and they did so in a big way.Occasionally, I travel to neighbouring cities to watch away games.I have always enjoyed the great atmosphere at the games and the on-pitch drama.Fellow footy fans are often intrigued to see a non-Czech attending games so regularly, and this often sparks drunken conversations as to my reasons for choosing the Czech Republic as home and more importantly why Bohemians 1905 are my team of choice!

As with any football game, language from the terraces is usually ‘colourful’ and you’re likely to see plastic cups of beer hurled towards the pitch from the stands in protest of ‘bad’ decisions made by the referee.

Game 1 was played in Karlovy Vary on Sunday with the home side winning it's fifth consecutive playoff game, 7-3, before an enthusiastic crowd of 1,870.

Tomáš Klíma scored 2 goals and added 2 assists, while Vladislav Habal turned away 31 of 34 shots.

It would be easy as a foreigner to concentrate on the negative aspects of the sport, as the Czech press often focuses on its shady business and sometimes equally shady fans, often writing about the teams’ right-wing supporters and organized hooliganism.

But, in my experience, I have had nothing but good times while attending.

Kacetl rebounded from a shaky first game to post a 21-save shutout.