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Sophos updating policy differs from policy

sophos updating policy differs from policy-49

The whole experience was quite involved, and if i had wanted to I could of phoned Sophos Technical Support which are excellent, but I like to try and figure things out first myself.

sophos updating policy differs from policy-81

As such, when SAV is run on an unsupported platform it is treated as an unsupported application for the purposes of determining the level, priority, and associated costs of providing support.Re-distribution of the installer or other licensed Sophos files electronically or via physical media (such as recordable CDs) is not allowed.Authorized users will always be able to download the latest version of the SAV software onto the target system directly from Computing Services' highly available servers.It is a free download that can be found at this Microsoft link MSE.Part of the licensing agreement requires that the Uof R have reasonable controls in place to ensure that only authorized people use this product.On trying to start the Sophos Management Service again i was now getting an Error 0x80004005, so after a little more research and I ended up at Sophos KB111898 article, I felt I was getting close to a solution.

Looking through the article and checking the Event Viewer, I found Event IDs 806. SOPHOS -d SOPHOSPATCH52 -i Reset User sqlcmd -E -S . SOPHOS -d Sophos Security -i Reset User However I got the error message: The name change cannot be performed because the SID of the new name does not match the old SID of the principal.

This document describes the installation and/or upgrade of the Sophos Antivirus (SAV) product.

The Uof R has licensed Sophos Antivirus for Windows 7/10, and OS X systems (10.9 and above) to be available for use on University owned equipment, including Evergreen machines, Evergreen opt-out equipment, machines purchased with APEA funds or any other Windows or Macintosh systems purchased with University funds.

So in this blog post I’ll look at recovering a broken Sophos Enterprise Console, specifically the following error when you open Sophos Enterprise Console: The user “domainuser” is not assigned to any sub-estates.

You must be a member of at least one sub-estate to run the console.

In cases where computer systems are being disposed of, this software should be uninstalled or erased prior to the disposal of the system.