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Sofie d'hoore online dating

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Let’s just live in the moment and enjoy it, please.’ She defends Mick Jagger’s impending fatherhood at 73 – ‘People have been so rude about him, I find it really distasteful, so ageist’ – and wonders if it really is hot in the room or whether she’s having a hot flush. ’); her almost umbilical relationship with her daughters Amber, 27, Saffron, 25, and Tallulah, 22, who all, to Yasmin’s gratitude, still live at home. I’m completely open with them and we’ve got to the stage where if it’s OK for them to offload on to me, it’s OK for me to offload on them.They are pretty good at listening and giving advice.

I had to be able to take them anywhere – around the world, on an aeroplane, backstage – in quite adult situations.Yasmin, now 51, described how she would hide in the bathroom and cry when the strain of juggling motherhood with her demanding career proved too much.She explained: ‘Nobody can tear your heart apart within a couple of words like [your children] can…They were quite exceptional.’Yasmin wasn’t coping, and a friend had a quiet word.‘She made it blatantly obvious that I needed to do something.Her back is shot, her knees and her hips are going, her chestnut hair – lustrously bouffed on umpteen magazine covers in the 80s and 90s and elegantly slicked in the noughties – is frustrating: ‘It’s so demoralising when your hair starts to thin, it starts to take all your femininity.’ She can no longer carry off the granny-chic tweed Prada dresses she wore in her youth as one half of an era-defining power couple (it hardly needs stating that she is married to Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon, and was once the highest paid model in the world). I actually look like someone’s grandmother.’Also mothballed are the vest tops and jeans that for many years were her signature look.

Having gained about a stone in her 40s, she now has cleavage. It’s quite a shock to develop breasts later in life.

Things could explode.’ She refers to herself as a woman of ‘very few grey cells’ and is only partly joking about the luxury retirement homes she’s seen in a magazine for herself and Simon, 57.

She may claim to have wear and tear like the rest of us, but, quite frankly, only she has noticed.

The roles have reversed.’ Simon’s mum, 81-year-old Ann-Marie, lives in the house that backs on to theirs and there’s constant traffic between the two.

The day before we meet was Saffron’s graduation from the University of West London: ‘I’m so proud of her.

Our house is a mad place; people come and never leave.’The current head count at Le Bon towers includes Yasmin’s niece, Saffron’s boyfriend and a friend of Tallulah’s.