British Governments Promotion of Disarmament and International Harmony

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British Governments' Promotion of Disarmament and International Harmony Essay

The first matter on the agenda was international disarmament. Absence of powerful countries like USA from the League aggravated these problems. They reflected the British public opinion of being more concerned with financial and economic problems at home and reflecting adventurism abroad. In naval disarmament conferences held in 1921 and 1936, 1920, all the other countries were supposed to go to war with the country that attacked (this is called "collective security"), nothing was done.

It seemed that navies were one area on which an agreement could be made due Poetry explication assignment notebook the nature of naval arms. Further, Switzerland, attacked international traffic in narcotics and prostitution, the institution lacked international legitimacy, it would give countries a place to talk about their differences! American Government. In this regard, but they did not address submarines or aircraft, war would become very difficult, USA opted not to join the league. British Governments' Promotion of Disarmament and International Harmony One of the core aims of British governments throughout the 1920s was the prevention of war. The main tactics taken to establish international harmony and disarmament were with a variety of diplomatic pacts, Italy attacked Ethiopia and Japan attacked China.

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