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This year, in Latvia, the first 2x2 winter seminar was held in which Sandis and Brigita guide the direction "Science and Technology".At the same time as a lecturer, our laboratory leader, Talis Juhna, led the lecture on the nature of science and its role in engineering.

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On 21th of September the head of Water Research Laboratory Talis Juhna spoke at the "2017 China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Annual High Level Dialogue Conference" on opportunities for cooperation between the European Union and China.The event was supported by various informative and demonstration events for schoolchildren, students and local inhabitants of Sigulda municipality to inform about the availability of grassland resources and their application.On behalf of Water Research laboratory the demonstration of biobutanol production technology was performed.Within the event, reports about the latest achievements and research results in the fields of biogas and biofuel production, composting and algae biofuels were presented.Other topics discussed within the seminar included various environmental aspects and white biotechnology.During the day students had the opportunity to visit water and wastewater treatment plants and listened to a lecture on water and wastewater microbiology.

Water Research Laboratory Ph D student Aigars Lavrinovičs also take part in summer school.

Children learned what we need to do to receive the water at home and, also, where wastewater goes.

On 17th October 1st B-LIQ (Development of an integrated process for conversion of biomass to affordable liquid biofuel) Project partner meeting took place in Riga.

Last week the representatives of the Water Research Laboratory, the Institute of Energy, the Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, the Environmental Protection and Thermal Authority participated in the exhibition " Vide un enerģija 2017", where we were able to present our team's work to the visitors of the exhibition and tell about the studies possibility at the Riga Technical University.

Visitors to our stand had an opportunity to get acquainted not only with our laboratories for newer products, but also ask questions to all our team members (

From 18th to 22nd September Water Research Laboratory scientists Linda Mezule and Martins Strods will participate in informative events on the use of grass biomass in the LIFE GRASSSERVICE project in Ludza.