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Single neustrelitz

The LVF lost half their numbers in action or through frost-bite.

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The arrival of the French bolstered the Nordland Division whose "Norge" and "Danmark" Panzergrenadier regiments had been decimated in the fighting. The Frenchmen walked from West to East Berlin, to a brewery near the Hermannplatz.At the same time, another unit was formed in France, La Légion Tricolore (Tricolor Regiment) but this unit was absorbed into the LVF six months later.The LVF saw action in the Ukraine during this period.The LVF received 13,400 applicants, but many were weeded out and 5,800 were placed on the rolls.The LVF while in France wore a French army style khaki uniform and on their collar was their battalion number below an inverted chevon or the LVF emblem.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Charlemagne" (französische Nr.1). The Soviet forces split the French force into three pockets. It was evacuated from the coast by the German Navy to Denmark and later sent to Neustrelitz for refitting; the second group with Oberführer Puaud was destroyed by Soviet artillery and the third group tried fighting its way back westward, but by 17 March all had been captured or killed in action.

By early April 1945, Krukenberg commanded only about 700 men organized into a single infantry regiment with two battalions (Battalions 57 and 58) and one heavy support battalion without equipment.

The official requirements were that the recruit had to be "free of Jewish blood" and between 20 and 25 years old.

This formation, known as the 8th SS Volunteer Sturmbrigade France, was led by a former Foreign Legionnaire SS-Obersturmbannführer Paul Marie Gamory-Dubourdeau.

They were among the last to surrender during the final days of the Battle in Berlin.

Its crest is a representation of the dual empire of Charlemagne, which united the Franks in what would become France and Germany.

The Imperial eagle on the dexter side represents East Francia (Germany) and the fleurs-de-lys on the sinister side represents West Francia (France). The LVF was also known by its official German designation, the 638th Infantry Regiment (Infanterieregiment 638).