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Single man dating single mother

That is another assumption I hear; that I am looking for someone to be my daughter’s father and to support me. My daughter has strong support from me, and from my brother and father is with her every time she needs.Any relationship I choose to be in will be obvious that I am quite capable of supporting myself and I am simply in the relationship because I enjoy my partner’s company.

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Nobody has the right to judge me or treat my daughter differently simply because I am a single mom.Another stigma that gets under my skin is the comment I hear many men use, “single moms are easy, you know they put out.” It seems to be a common thought that single moms sleep around looking for attention from males.I try not to let these comments get to me; however, I cannot always be there when my daughter is being judged.I am proud to be able to prove all these statements wrong.I am asked surprisingly a lot if I ever look back and wish I would have had an abortion, knowing I would have to raise a child alone.I cannot help but find that question extremely rude.

Especially when it comes from another parent, who understands the love one feels for their offspring. I don’t want to imagine my life without my daughter for one second.

I try to shrug it off and focus on the relationships I already have.

I am a fabulous person with a great kid and anyone who assumes less of us is missing out!

I fear she will one day blame herself or me for her father not being around.

I am not in any way wanting to replace her father by jumping into a relationship.

Being a single mom is hard enough on it’s own without the stereotypes.