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Group trips ~ We visited Costa Rica in 2015 & 2016.

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by Ken Davenport and Sarah Saltzberg Ron Faibusch (our member) is the General Manager for this theater and will host this performance.After attending your first event within that time frame, you can opt to pay the fees within the first 14 days or you can remove yourself from the group.IF you stay in and haven't paid the fees by the 14th day, meet up will move you to pending status until dues are paid.Inappropriate comments and/or other harassment of any member will be grounds for removal from our group.At times you will be asked to participate in bringing a dish or your beverage of choice.Many more activities to be had in the warmer months.

Check out past events & adventures to wet your appetite and show you what a wonderful group this is.

New members will have 14 days in which to participate in an upcoming event to test the waters.

We have a variety of events & adventures to choose from.

In this instance, you will not have access to RSVP to any events or adventures.

So judge us by our comments, reviews and past events and pay those dues so you can participate.

Well planned events & adventures are making us one of the fastest growing groups in the meetup community.