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Single bad kreuznach

The 33mm coin is struck in .900 fine silver and has a mintage of 500,000, few of which survive.

His appointment to these positions was contrary to Church law as he had not yet reached the canonical age of 27 and one person could not hold more than a single diocese. In order to repay Fugger, he was granted permission by Pope Leo to sell indulgences, as long as half proceeds went to the Pope.The silver Hamburg 3 Mark was struck from 1908 to 1914 is 33mm and contains 16.67 grams of .900 fine silver.The 5 Mark was struck from 1891 to 1913, is 38mm in diameter and contains 27.78 grams of .900 fine silver.The name Hamburg comes from a castle constructed by Charlemagne on the site in 808AD. In 1871 Hamburg became part of the German Empire, though retained its right to strike its own coins.The obverse of their coins feature the city’s arms which portrays a three towered castle. The reverses depict the crowned German imperia eagle.Albrecht von Brandenburg, coming from the powerful ruling Prussian family, was appointed the archbishop of Magdeburg and administrator of the Diocese of Halberstadt in 1513, at the young age of 23.

The following year he also became the Archbishop of Mainz.

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Johann Hugo issued silver Petermengers from 1691 to 1695 with the date on the front, and again from 1706 to 1709 with the date on the back.

Kaiser Wilhelm II wearing a military uniform is featured on the 1914 silver 3 Mark coins of Prussia.

The obverse features the conjoined heads of the King and the Princess struck in high relief.