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Simpsons the falcon and the d'ohman online dating

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Wayne arrives on the scene, violently murders all of the skating goons, and ultimately stabs the mob boss in the throat and he dies. Wayne was indirectly responsible for her death, does he just not give a shit?It’s almost like second-nature for him to revert back to his ultra-violent emotionless state, but is that something he’s conflicted with, or he just doesn’t even acknowledge it?

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Since the beginning, the series has been a pop culture icon, attracting hundreds of celebrities to guest star.“Pro-Nednas worldwide cheered and anti-Nednites jeered as they saw the couple was bound together for all eternity by a majority of SIMPSONS online fans.” Ugh.One good line/moment: Shockingly, most of the first act was actually kind of enjoyable, removing Homer’s song at the beginning, and Marge’s random Master Chef fantasy (complete with superfluous guest star [insert celebrity-chef-whose-name-I-forget’s name here]).We get Comic Book Guy at the beginning announce the reveal of whether Ned and Edna stayed together will hidden in the show, which is later shown in a montage of couples being kept up at night by Wayne’s night terrors (which I guess are so loud, literally the entire town can hear them), and we see Ned and Edna among them, complete with Edna winking to camera.And the episode ends with the two thanking the fans for voting. I tried to find any record of the actual voting or signs of anyone expressing they cared about this shallow publicity stunt, but all I could find was a nauseating press release.I just don’t get what we’re supposed to conclude about Wayne.

If the episode had actually been about him overcoming his demons, or making peace with them, or just flat-out admitting that he just really likes killing people, I could have gotten behind it, but instead, he goes through no character progression at all.

We see in the flashbacks during a shootout, the mob boss’ wife was caught in the crossfire and killed.

Homer is kidnapped as bait, and is trapped under the ice at a skating rink for some reason.

There’s also that Kim Jong-il musical at the end, which may be the craziest, most -esque cutaway the show has ever done. Then, as a goof, he also sets a skating mascot’s head on fire as well.

You could say it’s over-the-top for comic effect, but that’s not really the case; it ends up just being really disturbing.

Some of these might have been effective if they were about half the length.