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This chemically improved form combines acid stability with immediate solubility and rapid absorption. Service in Wholesale Quant, THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 23 STUDENT BRANCH The Student Branch Chapter of MCPh A APh A completed a successful mem- Dership campaign in September, 1977. Clayton, Editor, School of Pharmacy, Beard Hall 200H, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 before December 20, 1978. and a past board member of he National Wholesale Drug Association. According to police reports, the gunman left the store with about $300 worth of Dilaudid tablets and a quantity of hypodermic syringes. Kernersville Stonestreet Drugs was burglarized about 5 am Monday, November 6, and approximately $1,600 worth of controlled substances was taken. The Puerto Rican stu- dents were available to talk with our students about their school and their interest in manufac- turing.Indications: For the treatment of mild to moderately severe pneumococcal respiratory tract infections and mild staphylococcal skin and soft-tissue infections that are sensitive to penicillin G. Contraindication: Previous hypersensitivity to penicillin. Warnings: Serious, occasionally fatal, anaphylactoid reactions have been reported. They ^ave 52*7 membership with about 50% of ;ach class joining. (Please note that the questions below apply only to the Script portion of the Journal). I have found this fall's Script to be (check all applicable terms): Interesting Not relevant -Relevant Other. My pharmacy practice is in the following setting: Community Academic Hospital Industrial -Long-term care institution -Other 7. He ;vas a past president of the Traveling Men's \uxiliary of the North Carolina Pharmaceut- cal Association and was very active in the iromotion of pharmacy in the state. The thief entered the store through an air conditioning duct on the roof, and then knocked a 15 inch hole in the storeroom wall to gain access to the prescription department. Permits or licenses to operate phar- macies in North Carolina are issued upon application of the owner and pharmacist-manager to: 1. Faculty members provided a tour of the facilities and were available for questions.

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Skin eruptions, urticaria, reactions resembling serum sickness (including chills, edema, arthralgia, prostration), laryngeal edema, fever, and eosinophilia. As a service to 5 members, the NCPh A is bringing together number of systems for comparison so that :fore signing the bottom line, you will know :actly what you are getting. D., discusses "Drug Interactions, the Pharmacist, and the Computer." In announcing the continuation of these Midwinter conferences, NARD Executive Vice President, William E. The exact number of missing drugs had not been determined, but according to an employee, "pretty much was gone." HENDERSONVILLE Two men were arrested early Monday morning, October 2 after they allegedly used an ax to chop their way into Whitley Drug Co. Each retiring President shall be a member of the Executive Committee for a three-year term. Our purpose as a drug wholesaler is to keep you competitive AND profitable. and remember, being competitive is not just a word ... Your future will be enhanced through the proper and ethical use of your competitive image. The Secretary-Treasurer shall notify all candidates of the time and place of the meet- ing of the Election Committee and extend a written invitation to attend the counting of the ballots. The officers thus elected by a plurality of the votes shall be installed at the final session of the next annual meeting. In the absence of the President, he shall perform the duties of that office. Every pharmacist meeting the qualifications of Arti- cle III, Section I of the Constitution, or every graduate of an accredited school of pharmacy is eligible for active membership in the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association. Every member shall pay in advance into the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer the sum of sixty dollars as yearly contribution, except those pharma- cists residing out-of-state who shall pay thirty dollars. Any member in good standing is eligible for a life member- ship and thereafter he shall be exempt from all future annual dues. Hon- orary Membership may be conferred upon nonmembers who have made noteworthy con- tributions to the Association. De Bakey (most well known for his heart transplants) came to Chapel Hill to deliver the Merrimon Lecture.

Infrequent hemolytic anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, neuropathy, and nephropathy, usually with high doses of parenteral penicillin. Additional information available to the profession on request. For the non- lfers and tennis players, Monday afternoon tpril 17) will be especially appropriate for an depth review of the computers. Woods, recognized the popularity of these management meetings for over ten years, especially to many phar- macists unable to attend the annual conven- tion. When police, alerted by the store's burglar alarm, arrived at a.m., they found the door chopped open, and one of the suspects fled by jumping through the plate glass front entrance. Article V — Amending Constitution Every proposition to alter or amend this Constitution shall be submitted in writing and received at an annual meeting, and may be voted on at the next annual meeting when, upon receiving a vote of three-fourths of the members present, it shall become a part of the Constitution of the North Carolina Phar- maceutical Association. For the Pharmacist to develop and maintain an effective image with the customer he must remain COMPETITIVE. If the office of the President shall be vacated by reason of death, the First Vice- President shall become the President of the Association. Social and Economic Relations Other committees may be appointed by the President to perform such special duties as may be assigned by the President and/or the Executive Committee. Appli- cant will complete membership form avail- able from Association office, and submit to- gether with annual dues in accordance with Sub-section (a). Pharmacists who are retired and on Social Security shall pay one-half the annual dues structure. Any member in arrears at any annual meeting shall not be entitled to vote; anyone neglect- ing to pay his annual dues shall lose his membership. The cost of such mem- bership shall be ten times the individual's maximum annual dues. Any stu- dent in a School of Pharmacy meeting the qualifications of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution, and paying the annual dues of one dollar is eligible for membership as specified in the above-named section. Nomination for such honorary membership shall be made to the Executive Committee, who shall consider and act upon such nomination. The title of his lecture was "Relighting the Lamp of Excellence." If we would ascribe to his concepts (not new), what a great society we could be!

Some patients with penicillin hypersensitivity have had severe reactions to a cephalosporin; inquire about penicillin, cephalosporin, or other allergies before treatment. Eleven SAPh A members represented the hapter at the SAPh A Regional Convention ield in Memphis, Tennessee on November 10-13. at the University Mall will be iypertension-Screening. _Useful -A poor mix of subjects _A good mix of subjects 2. Please check one: J would prefer receiving a separate Script in the form of a newsletter at regular intervals throughout the school year. (optional) 30 THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY ILLEGAL ACTS RUTHERFORD COLLEGE The College Pharmacy in Rutherford Col- lege was victimized by vandals Saturday, September 23, but no merchandise was taken. Jorth Carolina at Chapel Hill, and was cap- ain of the wrestling team. Only drugs with a high "street" value were stolen, and police said "he knew what he was after." Black Mountain Ward's WNC Drug was the victim of an armed robbery Tuesday, October 24, when two men wearing ski masks and carrying semi-automatic rifles demanded money and narcotics. , Pharmaceuticals Post Office Box 5386/6100 Phillips Highway Jacksonville, Florida 32207, (9043 731-4610 THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 25 BY-LAWS Article I — Election of Officers Section 1. Addi- tional nominations may be made from the floor. No less than thirty days prior to the annual convention, the president of the Association shall select a committee of three pharmacists from the district of the member of the Board of Pharmacy whose term expires the following year. This en- abled the students to compare the two educational processes (Puerto Rico and the United States) and to share ideas with the Puerto Rican students.