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The high costs of obtaining private treatment abroad can often be a strong deterrent from finishing the transition process.

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The political framework of Sri Lanka has predominantly been inherited from the United Kingdom, but has strong influences of Dutch and Portuguese traditions.The two main legal arbitrators used against homosexuals are the anti-sodomy laws and gender impersonation laws.Article 365A prohibits anyone, irrespective of gender, from engaging in "gross indecency", which is not explicitly defined, although stiffer sanctions apply if one person is under the age of 16 or if any sort of injury was caused as a result.If the person is deemed to be of sound mental status, an official letter endorsing this can be issued.The patient can now start to undergo necessary hormone therapy prior to any surgical intervention.In November 2016, Sri Lanka voted against a plan to get rid of the UN Independent Expert on violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at the United Nations General Assembly. Sri Lanka along with Kiribati were the only two countries, where homosexuality is still criminalised, who voted against the proposal.

Sri Lanka has a rich history of supporting homosexuality prior to colonialism.

The term ponnaya (පොන්නයා) is a defamatory term often used against transgender people or effeminate men.

A patient who wishes to undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS) must consult a psychiatrist for an initial evaluation.

12.(1) All persons are equal before the law and are entitled to the equal protection of the law.

(2) No citizen shall be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, language, caste, sex, political opinion, place of birth or any one of such grounds : Provided that it shall be lawful to require a person to acquire within a reasonable time sufficient knowledge of any language as a qualification for any employment or office in the Public, Judicial or Local Government Service or in the service of any Public Corporation, where such knowledge is reasonably necessary for the discharge of the duties of such employment or office : Provided further that it shall be lawful to require a person to have a sufficient knowledge of any language as a qualification for any such employment or office where no function of that employment or office can be discharged otherwise than with a knowledge of that language.

It can often be troublesome to find therapists who are understanding of transgender issues.